Release Notes



  • Fixed minor issues in the release procedure documentation. [NO TICKET]
  • Wrong version of Django Crispy Forms was required by the package. This resulted in inability to practically use the application because of exceptions being thrown. [ CONNT-31 ]


Breaking changes:

  • Package now has hard dependency on more specific versions of requirements in order to ensure it is not used with incompatible variants (for example, Django has been fixated to version 1.5.x). This could cause some issues if application is used with newer Django versions etc. [ CONNT-28 ]

New features/improvements:

  • A lot of cleanup was performed to make it easier to handle development process etc. These are mostly internal changes, except for small documentation fixes. [ CONNT-28 ]


  • Documentation links have been updated to point to new Read The Docs domain. [ CONNT-27 ]


This release contains mainly some usability features, and some minor bug-fixes. No changes to database schema were made.

New features:

  • Tabluar representation of project communications, with colour-coding matching the diagram. [ CONNT-17 ]
  • Simple search functionality, including search suggestions if JavaScript is enabled. [ CONNT-19, CONNT-23 ]
  • Removing an object will list all related objects that will get removed as well. [ CONNT-20 ]

Bug fixes:

  • Generates valid XHTML5 code now. [ CONNT-24 ]


Initial relase of Django Conntrackt. Contains full support for:

  • Managing application data.
  • Generation of iptables rules.
  • Generation of communication diagram.
  • Full user documentation.